If there is no GoGeomatics Canada group in your city or region, why not start one?

The GoGeomatics  Canada Groups are social groups. They are free monthly  socials at your local pub or coffee shop where Canadian geomatics professionals, enthusiasts, students, business, and entrepreneurs get together to network and have a good time. In general they run from September to May. Groups meet once a month for a few hours or more.

The first group was formed in 2012 in Ottawa two years ago as a geomatics jobs networking group. We got together for coffee and discussed job hunting strategies and opportunities.   This group soon became the social group you see on the Ottawa group page.  We still get together to talk about jobs and opportunities but it’s grown larger than that.  Now we have 12 groups across Canada.  Each of these groups was started by someone like yourself who wanted to have a regular networking event in their region.  Visit our Groups Page

There is no formal setup. There are no fee’s. It’s all about networking and having a good time, as we talk about geomatics and location technologies. 

Does that sound like something you might like to have in your community?

It’s easy to start a group. Contact us using the contact form in the footer below and we will help you get started. It only requires a few people getting together on a regular basis to get the ball rolling. Contact us

Become a GoGeomatics Group Leader

Every group needs a leader. Consider becoming the leader for your area.  Group leaders put in about 3-4 hours a month organizing the event and attending.  This is a rewarding and challenging experience as you help others in the community networking and grow. We will publicize your monthly event and help you get sponsors.  It’s a great way to become a geomatics leader and network in your community.  Contact us

2017 September Back to School Socials

Our big event of the season is in September.  To kick off each new school year, GoGeomatics welcomes everyone to our Canada-Wide Back to School Socials every September. We encourage new and returning students to come out to this free event and enjoy a much-needed study-break. So if you are not a student you can mingle with students as well as industry professionals and managers. The Canadian geomatics community is close-knit, and these socials are a great way to build up contact for co-op placements, internships, and jobs.