SUMSF 2023 Gold Sponsor Interview: New Zealand's Reveal
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SUMSF 2023 Gold Sponsor Interview: New Zealand’s Reveal

With the upcoming virtual SUMSF Conference (main event on May 16 with workshops to follow on May 17 and 18), Between the Poles recently interviewed SUMSF 2023 Gold Sponsor, Reveal, to learn more about the company and future goals. The conference, founded by Geoff Zeiss, is open for registration and ecourages all to attend for a chance to learn and contribute.

GoGeomatics: Can you explain Reveal’s primary mission?

John Parker, Head of Marketing: Reveal’s primary mission is to reveal the truth of the subsurface world.

GoGeomatics: Any Reveal projects/services you feel have stood out in situations of importance? You’ve mentioned Let’s Get Wellington Moving, will this project be just for NZ or will it eventually be available worldwide?

John Parker, Head of Marketing: Over the past 10 years, Reveal has been operating in the civil, geophysics and subsurface utility engineering markets as expert utility locators and surveyors. We have become world experts in mapping the underground, and we want to share the benefits of that expertise worldwide through technology tools and platforms that can help cities, engineers and contractors work safer and more efficiently as stakeholders of the underground environment.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving is embarking on a world-leading digital transformation journey to fundamentally change the way major civil infrastructure works are designed, planned and executed in New Zealand.

This new approach applies cutting-edge geophysical and geospatial technologies to proactively improve our understanding of the subsurface environment before excavation and construction begins.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving has commissioned Reveal to proactively map the underground of Wellington City and its key transport corridors. Reveal is combining the resulting rich information into a unified utility model that is shared with all the project stakeholders across a range of planning, design and construction functions.”

GoGeomatics: Are you hiring? If so for what positions? 

John Parker, Head of Marketing: New Zealand, like much of the world, is experiencing a major shortage of construction, engineering and surveying professionals. We’re actively recruiting utility locators and project managers to be able to accommodate the high demand for projects within New Zealand, and we’re keen to talk to other companies worldwide about how our technology can help deliver subsurface investigation data to end-users.

GoGeomatics: Any future plans? Projects?

John Parker, Head of Marketing: Reveal has worked on major infrastructure projects of significance in New Zealand, particularly the “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” transport initiative in New Zealand’s capital city. The city was facing a massive, multi-year programme of capital works and infrastructure upgrades, and with Reveal’s input, decided to invest in a large proactive mapping effort to consolidate the city’s utility information into a single location for all the city’s underground stakeholders to reference.

We’re in talks with a number of cities around the Asia-Pacific region about city-scale mapping efforts, as well as major business consulting firms and insurance companies that work on major infrastructure projects. Our aim is to help civil infrastructure projects avoid subsurface risks around underground utilities, which in turn improves worker safety, timeframe and budget outcomes.

GoGeomatics: What will you be talking about at SUMSF this year? Who is going to get the most out of your presentation?

John Parker, Head of MarketingAt SUMSF this year, we’ll be presenting some new technology, including visualizations of GPR data that allows engineers to make informed decisions on where to spend their limited investigations budget, and our flagship platform for major infrastructure projects which helps design engineers and contractors understand subsurface utility risks in their project area and plan to mitigate or reduce them.

Claim your free ticket to SUMSF 2023 Online here

Claim your free ticket to SUMSF 2023 Online here

GoGeomatics would like to thank John Parker, Head of Marketing at Reveal for his time and contribution of knowledge.

Also, GoGeomatics would like to extend a deep and gracious thank you to our sponsors for SUMSF 2023.



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