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SUMSF 2023: Reduct Presents the Importance of 3D Gyroscopic Pipeline Mapping Technology

A livestream presentation of 3D Gyroscopic Pipeline Mapping Technology was given by Otto Ballintijn, CEO of Reduct NV, during SUMSF 2023, on May 16, 2023. The presentation served as an introduction to inertial navigation technology and the  benefits of high-frequency usage and points. 

Reduct develops solutions for accurate utility mapping of pipelines and ducts, and is a leading developer of inertial navigation systems. The company knows what you can’t see is just as important as what you can see. 

Ballintijn discussed gyro mapping devices and how they work. He then talked about how this mapping system was different from conventional methods. The benefits of using inertial navigation were included in this part of the discussion and include being used for any utility, pipe material, no need for above-ground tracing, you can map at any depth, open platform output. electromagnetic noise does not affect and high-frequency sampling is available.

Ballintijn also spoke about what we can use the system for. One way is GIS management, and another way is contractor handover management. GIS platform management and maintenance planning are also other ways to use inertial navigation. He spoke about traditional surveying technologies and three interesting, related case studies. 

Ballintijn said, “Just don’t take the risk. Get it mapped, and if you get it mapped, get it mapped with as much detail as you can. If you don’t need it today, you may need it tomorrow.”

A question and answer session followed the presentation.  Watch the whole presentation to find out more.

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