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Take our Leadership Survey: In 2018 Canada dropped from 4th to 7th on Global Geospatial Readiness Index

Quite of few Canadian geomatics specialists have been scratching our heads since news broke that Canada dropped 3 spots on the international rankings of geospatial readiness this year.   The rankings only started in 2017 so many in the community have never heard of them before, this might be the your first encounter with the index.

Those who put the list together describe it thus: “A composite index, the readiness index provides context and guidance to the government(s) to optimize the benefits derived from spatial analytics, and location intelligence technology to create both economic and social value for better governance by 2025.”

GoGeomatics is doing a survey to see what you think about the index and Canada’s rank. Should we do anything about it? Where is the leadership in Canada on these issues?

There are only a few questions so take the 2 minutes to complete the survey. We will publish the results but your responses are anonymous.

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