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The 2014 Geomatics Twitter Rankings

Last year, we brought you the rankings of as many geomatics-related Tweeters as we could find. A lot can happen in a year, especially in the fast-paced world of the Twitterverse. That’s why we’re updating those Twitter rankings for 2014. Some things have changed, some things stayed the same – we’ll be posting our full recap next week, so stay tuned!

We separated the rankings into four categories: Professionals & Individuals, Companies, Organizations, and Educators. We ranked the Twitter accounts by number of followers to keep things simple.  All the images below link to the respective Twitter pages, so be sure to check them out and give them a follow, if you haven’t already. Are you a member of the Canadian geomatics Twitter community, and not on our list? Send an email to communications@gogeomatics.ca and we’ll make sure we include you.

Please keep in mind that these rankings reflect the number of followers each Twitter account had at the time this article was posted.

Thinking of joining Twitter, but not sure where to start? Take a look at these resources:


Professionals & Individuals

Ted MacKinnon Twitter

Yuri Artibise

Greg J. Smith

Alan McConchie

Jeff McKenna

Carlos Silva

Laura Nehar


Marcel Fortin

Tyler Mitchell

Luc Vaillancourt

Michael Weisman


Adam Fox

Canadian GIS girl

Sylvain Decelles

Luc Vaillancourt-En

Britta Ricker

Heather Yundt

Mike Gregotski

Jonathon Hooper

Robert Szyngiel

Bernie Connors

agnieszka l


Nafisa Kassam


Zara Matheson

Ashleigh Harris

Zachary Klaas

Nick Walker

Colleen Raymond

Aaron Kylie

Jean Tong

Harry Wilson

Michel Nadeau

Sue Deforest

Edgar Baculi


Al Little

Elaine Dawson

Darren Platakis

Ryan Maloney

David Richard

Jas Kaur

Bilal Karim

Jonathan Neufeld

Wendy Ripmeester

Paul Heersink

Mike Agnes

Jonathan Cinnamon

Cameron O'Brien

Jeff Hughes

Anderson Sandes

Jeremie FortinGroulx

Yves Richard

Laura Beazley



Cdn GIS & Geomatics

Esri Canada



PCI Geomatics

Will Cadell

Geoff Zeiss

David Enns




Caitlin Blundell

Canal Geomatics

K2 Geospatial

TrueNorth Geospatial

Map Town

DMTI Spatial




Jobs and Events

Spatial DNA

Huron Geomatics

the PYXIS innovationWestCoast Geospatial

Gord Allen



Canadian Geographers

CanGeo Education

Aboriginal Mapping




CDN CartographicAssn


Geomatique MSP


CanGeo Round Table

Geospatial Niagara

UBC Geography



Manitoba GIS

URISA Ontario

ACSG Montreal

ACSG Champlain


CanGeo Live




Maggie Romuld

don boyes

Susan Campo

Stephane Roche

James Boxall

Dave MacLean

thierry badard

RE Sieber

peggy march

Andrew M Davidson


Lynn Moorman

Claus Rinner


Mr McCreery

One comment on "The 2014 Geomatics Twitter Rankings"

  1. John says:

    This long list of graphics is not very helpful…. A list would be good. Maybe a table? See: http://boundlessgeo.com/2013/08/the-top-100-geospatial-influencers/

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