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The 32nd International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2025) is coming to Canada!

Dr. Thomas Schulz, Secretary-General and Treasurer of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) informed the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG) today, Vancouver has been selected host and venue of the 32nd International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2025) . Congratulations to our Canadian National Bid Committee led by Brian Davies and all the CIG colleagues!

The received bids have been considered and evaluated carefully by the EC. The concept of the bid has fully convinced the EC and promises a great and successfully conference to which we are looking forward very much. The Executive Committee appreciates the effort which has been taken by you and your colleagues in putting the bid and documents together and we trust that you will organize a successful international conference for the cartographic and GI Science community. We see this as a true mutual interest of both, the Canadian national member and the ICA as such.

They will announce the winning bid and the selected location of the ICC 2025 in the coming days on their website and the ICA Social Media channels.

Important next conferences are:

EuroCarto 2022, September 2022Vienna, Austria

AutoCarto 2022, November 2022, Redlands, California

ICC 2023, August 2023, Cape Town, South Africa

Further events can be found in the ICA Agenda on our website: https://icaci.org/calendar

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