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The ACLS Wants You: Geodetic Datum Dependencies Survey

The Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS) invites you to participate in the Geodetic Datum Dependencies Survey. It is a national effort to “modernize and unify” geodetic reference systems in Canada. The Canadian Geodetic Survey (GDS) and the US National Geodetic Survey (NGS) are collaborating to make sure datums are comparable and of the best quality. The information from this survey will help avoid a 1.5-2 metre offset at borders and provide efficient positioning applications.

Take a few minutes to complete the survey and feel free to pass it along to any interested parties.

Geodetic Datum Dependencies Survey

For more information, see this link: NATRF2022 Reference Pamphlet

What is a Geodetic Reference Frame? It is a reference surface used to assign positions using a coordinate system. You will see this used for creating maps and survey work. 

Survey sponsored by: Canadian Geodetic Reference System Committee

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