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The GoGeomatics Expo Welcomes On Board CIDCO & ICIS

We are happy to announce that The Interdisciplinary Centre for the Development of Ocean Mapping (CIDCO) and The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) are joining as association sponsors for the GoGeomatics Expo in Calgary, taking place November 6 to 8, 2023.

CIDCO logo

The Interdisciplinary Centre for the Development of Ocean Mapping (CIDCO)

The Interdisciplinary Development Centre for Ocean Mapping (CIDCO) is a marine geomatics and hydrospatial R&D organization that works to develop technologies for the acquisition, management and graphic representation of hydrospatial data. CIDCO is a non-profit organization at the forefront of marine sciences, hydrography and hydrospatial, which responds to the R&D needs of institutions and industry.

The organization is one of the only research and training centres dedicated to marine geomatics and hydrospatial in the world. Its team of experts regularly trains hydrographers and hydrospatial specialists from around the world in its Cat-B training.

We also develop our products to facilitate the acquisition and interpretation of underwater data with commercial collaborators and partners: HydroBall, HydroBlock, HydroTom, OpenSideScan, etc.

ICIS logo

The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS)

The Integrated Cadastral Information Society is a leader in the sharing of geospatial information, driving collaboration, integration, adoption, & use of spatial data for the social, environmental, & economic benefit of British Columbia.

Incorporated in May 2001 & registered as a non-profit organization under the BC Societies Act, the Society works to facilitate collaborative integration of spatial data from Local Governments & First Nations, Provincial & Federal Government Ministries, & Utilities & Industry in British Columbia.

As a single source for data from multiple agencies, the Society continues to keep members connected, supplied, & engaged with data products & services that support our vision: Building collaborative networks to facilitate innovative, location-based solutions that support the economic, social, & environmental well-being of British Columbians.

To learn more about the expo visit the website here https://gogeomaticsexpo.com/

The expo wholeheartedly encourages all associations and groups aligned with the expo’s objectives to reach out to us, fostering collaboration in order to curate an exceptional event for the community. Our aim is to cultivate a diverse, captivating, and inclusive gathering, forging an alliance among industry stakeholders, government entities, academia, individuals, and associations, united for the betterment of the sector.


GoGeomatics Expo Nov 6-8 2023

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