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the PYXIS innovation™ Releases the Worldview Software Development Kit

the PYXIS innovation™ team is pleased to announce the release of the WorldView™ Software Development Kit (SDK), the world’s first Digital Earth mash-up engine. “Geospatial data integration is the one of the hardest, most expensive problems experienced by businesses seeking situation awareness and intelligence. The WorldView™ SDK provides the power of integrating sources of data on-demand, independent of projection, scale, accuracy and location.” said Perry Peterson, President & CEO of the PYXIS innovation™

“Our vision for the WorldView™ SDK is to allow all developers within an organization to access the sophisticated capabilities of a Geographic Information System without the requirement to be a GIS expert.” said Idan Shatz, VP of Product Development.

The WorldView™ SDK is significant in several respects as it allows developers and users to:

  • Build maps from thousands of data sources currently published within WorldView™ Galleries, a marketplace for geospatial content
  • Easy integration and fusion of any geospatial information
  • Supports any common geospatial data formats including: complex vector shapefiles, large Earth observation geotiffs, high-resolution LiDAR points and simple CSV files
  • 3D visualization and navigation on a high-fidelity virtual globe
  • Mash-up streams of remote data with your local data
  • Customize the UX to meet your own analytical and modeling requirements

The WorldView™ SDK is the only commercial grade software development environment that gives developers access to the powerful new Earth reference standard Discrete Global Grid System. The SDK provides full interoperability to a suite of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Standards including: WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW and WPS.

The PYXIS innovation™ team is looking for developers to help lead the future in GIS integration and provide valuable feedback as part of the BETA program. For more information and SDK access, please contact Colleen at cjohnson@pyxisinnovation.com

the PYXIS innovation™ is a recognized world leader in the use of discrete global grid technologies, a powerful Digital Earth reference. Our customers create and own geospatial content. Our value to them is a new market of users.

The company has grown from a scientific research organization since its’ incorporation in 2003, focused on solving the hard problems required for a Digital Earth platform, to an internationally recognized commercial vender of geospatial-intelligence solutions.

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