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This Sept 2022: Returning to in-person Meetups with GoGeomatics Back to School Socials

Going back to school has never been so much fun.

GoGeomatics Canada Back to School Socials are returning for the first season post covid and are bigger and better. This season will be the seventh annual Back to School (BTS) social season for geospatial, geomatics, and geography students, as well as geomatics professionals.

Back to School Socials are national events where new and returning students are welcomed into the Canadian Geomatics community.   A great mix of current working professionals and organizations join us to welcome the next generation of Canada’s geospatial talent. For many students, this is the first chance they will have to interact with geomatic professionals and industry leaders. Socials are created to be fun, and free.

The 2022 list of BTSS locations is below:

  • Lawrencetown (COGS), September 9th
  • Niagara, September 13th
  • Kitchener/Waterloo, September 14th
  • Toronto, September 15th
  • Kingston, September 16th
  • Ottawa, September 19th
  • Regina, September 21st
  • Calgary, September 22nd
  • Edmonton, September 23rd
  • Vancouver, September 26th
  • Kelowna, September 27th

Events such as the BTSS would not be possible without the generous contributions of sponsors.

Currently, there are two national sponsors. Geomatics Canada is thankful to both COGS (NSCC) and UBC Geomatics program for stepping forward and sponsoring the Back to School Socials.

Be a Back To School Sponsor today!

To sponsor the Back to School Socials, contact Jonathan Murphy at jmurphy@gogeomatics.ca and download the PDF below:

The benefits of being a sponsor for BTS are endless. You are helping the Canadian GoGeomatics community come back after the pandemic. It is a rewarding way to promote, showcase, and spread information about your brand, products, and organization to current and future geospatial professionals. You will be an active and relevant member of Canada’s geomatics sector as you present your products, services, and events. Socials are a great way to show your support for the Canadian geospatial community by welcoming fresh members of the Canadian geospatial community.

There are different sponsorships available, National, City, and Marketing. If you wish to support BTSS contact us today.

A big thank you to our national and city sponsors listed below, without them these events would not be possible!


National Sponsors

To access more details on our national sponsors, please visit their website links listed below:

City Sponsors



























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