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TomTom chooses DMTI Spatial as provider of Canadian location data

A lot of planning goes into our summer road trips as we plot our routes, alternate routes and the occasional sight-seeing detour. The age of the passenger seat navigator, lost behind full sheet paper maps has long passed. Now we’re using smart phones, tablets and, for those who are serious about their road tripping, in-car navigation systems.

This summer, Canadian vacationers can rest assured they’ll get where they need to go. DMTI Spatial, Canada’s leading source of location intelligence and address data will now provide high precision Canadian address points and other geospatial data to TomTom for the company’s GPS navigation systems and offerings.


The choice was wise, as DMTI Spatial has over 18 years of delivering comprehensive, location-based solutions to organizations across the public and private sectors. Their solutions are built on top of Canada’s most comprehensive & accurate address database that integrates well over 7,300 data sources.

“DMTI will help take TomTom Maps to the next level in Canada, by helping to make our map products even more accurate,” said Eszter Pattantyus, Senior Vice President, TomTom Maps. “Millions of drivers use TomTom data every day; therefore, precision is absolutely crucial to us so that we can provide the best navigational experience.”

In addition to TomTom, clients such as Garmin and Apple rely on this data, validating that DMTI is the industry leader in Canadian mapping data.

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