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Top 10 Canadian Geomatics Twitter Feeds

We have scoured the net and reviewed a number of Canadian Twitter streams.  Skilled tweeters can pack a good deal of pertinent information and keen insight into 140 characters. The trouble is, they can be hard to find in a swelling sea of self-aggrandizing micro bloggers. That’s why we have assembled a list of the top ten Twitter feeds from Canadian geomatics professionals, personalities, and organizations.

The Method: GoGeomatics Canada navigated the twittersphere for some time; following, reading, clicking links. Then, we assembled a shortlist of fifty-odd accounts and compared their Klout scores and Twitter Grades to come up with a Top 10. You will see  a bit of editorializing with respect to the rankings, so these ordinals are not a product of some pure scoring metric. It’s also worth noting that, in the interest of exposing as many new accounts as possible in this first edition of the Top 10, GoGeomatics included an honourable mention and excluded the @GoGeomatics feed from the list (which actually would have ranked quite high).

If you feel that GoGeomatics has made an egregious omission or an overly generous inclusion, please let us know in the comments!

And now, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Canadian geomatics Twitter feeds! (Click here to follow the list).

Top 10 Canadian Geomatics Twitter Feeds

#10. @richardburcher

According to his blog, Richard Burcher is a spatial consultant who loves tech and challenges. While he’s miserly with punctuation and appears to have an aversion to the upper case, his tweets always manage to convey a sense of enthusiasm or impassioned frustration and that’s enough for the number ten spot.


#9. @JohnnieGIS

While there is not a lot of original content on this feed (which is why Johnnie didn’t rank higher), you will find a plethora of relevant links and retweets. Before you click “Follow”, know that the number of tweets per day from this account borders on excessive.


#8. @MapsRus

As you can tell from his handle, Mark from Surrey, BC is a pretty big fan of maps.


#7. @Mapperz

There’s more mapping news from this British-Canadian feed.


#6. @pcigeomatics

According to their profile, Toronto-based PCI Geomatics specializes in satellite image and airphoto processing, feature extraction, cartography/mapping and GIS, and automated production systems. Follow for information on training, new releases, and company news.


#5. @Geocortex

Latitude Geographics in Victoria, BC first developed their Geocortex software in 1999 and since then have been named an Esri Worldwide Partner of the Year and have became one of the first Esri Platinum Business Partners.


#4. @CanadianGIS

CanadianGIS.com is a great Canadian based resource for anyone with an interest in the field of GIS in Canada, from students to job-seekers to GIS Professionals. They provide information on Canadian data sets, all GIS education programs in Canada, GIS related events in Canada, GIS industry news, fun GIS / Cartography stuff and much more.


#3. @EsriCanada

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. The makers of ArcGIS post a steady stream of updates about training, certifications, job openings, and industry news.


#2. @spatialguru

Tyler Mitchell is a publisher, an author, and the engineering director at Actian Corp. This feed offers great insight from an industry insider.


#1. @adam_fox

Mr. Fox is the Director at Esri Canada in Toronto. His enthusiasm for GIS and all things spatial is contagious.


Honourable Mention: @geomatics

GoGeomatics would be remiss to exclude Josh King from a list of the top Canadian geomatics Twitter feeds. After all, he managed to snag the ultimate user name and­—to top it off—he’s a snow scientist. A snow scientist. It doesn’t get much more Canadian than that.


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