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Top 5 Reasons Your Boss Should Invest in Your Geospatial Skills

If you’re reading this, chances are you work in some area of geomatics. That being the case, your technical skills and domain expertise are of value to your employer. That is likely the main reason why you are in your current job. Based on a survey of the GoGeomatics readership you are either a geospatial professional doing hands on work or a manager or executive who used to be hands on with GIS, remote sensing, and surveying in the past.

GoGeomatics has created a new Geospatial Training Hub and we have some courses coming up. It is important for you keep learning and raising your game. As geospatial specialists we work in a fast evolving ecosystem of data, software, and methodologies. Investing in ongoing training is good for you and your team. We created www.geotechtraining.com as a place to offer courses for the community. We have 4 online courses coming up at the end of the month. Will your organisation support your growth?

Does Your Boss Support Your Professional Development?

Good employers, encourage their team members to continue learning and leveling up their skills and expertise. Now might be a good time to see if your employer will support you and your continued professional development by paying for some Geo Technical training. Most offices have training budgets set aside for employees. Have you asked for any training? Maybe your boss is ready and willing to support you but you need to step up and ask.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in You

  1. It benefits your organization and your team. The more you learn and bring back to the office and the team the more productive you can be and the wider perspective you will have. This is a big win for both of you.
  2. Many employers use the opportunity of training events to invest from their allocated training budget to proactively develop staff based a pre-defined development plan.
  3. It is good for your employer to invest in you and demonstrate that they care about your development and career. An employer that invests in you and your sills is worth sticking around for. That’s a hallmark that you working for a great organization.
  4. It shows that you are eager to learn and take on responsibility is good for your career. Approaching your boss and asking them if they would support your training shows leadership. It’s not always easy to ask for things we want. Start practicing that skill by asking for some training. Show them you want more.
  5. Connect with others. Getting together online is not great networking but it’s what we have. We all need to take what we can get. Training events are a great place to mix and connect with other professionals and expand our circles. This has value to you and your employer.

Need Help Convincing your Boss?

Download our MS Word letter template that clearly outlines the benefits of sending you to GeoTech Training this year that you can use to convince your manager.

Training Coming up this Now Nov 29th to Dec 6th, 2021

GeoTech Training: Geospatial Technical and Management Learning Online (grenadine.co)

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