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Top Five Canadian Geomatics LinkedIn Groups

Since our Top 10 Canadian Geomatics Twitter feeds article was such a (controversial) hit, we’ve decided to do another entry in our social media series. This time we’re taking a look at the hottest Canadian geomatics groups on LinkedIn. When compiling these rankings, we looked at the size of the group (number of members) as well as the group’s activity. Thankfully, LinkedIn’s new ranking algorithm takes both of these factors into account when generating results to a search query, as well as looking at the number of your contacts who are already members of a group. This ensures search results have a much higher rate of relevancy, as they are weighted with respect to your network.

If you aren’t already a member of these groups, look them up and see how many people from your networks have already joined. Then you can decide for yourself if these LinkedIn groups crack your personal top five.

Top 5 Canadian Geomatics LinkedIn Groups

#5. Urban Planning Ontario

These guys edge their way onto the list because they are just too numerous and too active to ignore. Let’s start by looking at the strikes against them:

  • As the name suggests, this group is very Ontariocentric. While planners and architects from across the nation are invited to join this members-only group, “people with connections to Ontario will be given favour.” The demographics are heavily skewed toward big urban centres, with over half of the membership hailing from Toronto.
  • When looking at the breadth of the geomatics spectrum, urban planning represents a pretty narrow margin. This is definitely a niche group.

Having said that, if you live, work, or study in Ontario and you have even a passing interest in urban planning, this is a group you need to be a part of. The membership is over 700-strong with 10 new members last week.

An army of members is of no use if there’s no actual discussion, but that’s not a concern here. The group is fairly active, and while it has been a bit quiet this month, they closed out April with a flurry of discussion.

Final Verdict: This is a niche group that doesn’t represent the whole of Canadian geomatics, but it doesn’t claim to be anything besides a group for planning professionals in Ontario.


We move from a large, focused, Central Canada-based group, to a smaller, more diverse group with heavier representation from Western Canada. From their profile:

TECTERRA contributes to the growth of economy in Alberta and across Canada by investing in and supporting the development and commercialization of geomatics technology for integrated resource management and other geospatial applications

Through investment and grant programs available to companies and researchers, TECTERRA invests in the commercialization of geomatics technology and the development of highly qualified personnel. Our focus is on applications for the resource sectors.

This group shows slow but steady growth and a consistent dialogue.

Final Verdict: A smaller group, but probably worth taking a look at, especially if you work (or want to work) in Western Canada.

#3. Canadian Institute of Geomatics

From the group profile:

Founded in 1882, the Canadian Institute of Geomatics has evolved to be a non-profit scientific and technical association and represents the largest and most influential geospatial knowledge network in Canada.

The group is growing steadily, posting an 11% week over week growth rate and encroaching on the 700-member mark. There isn’t quite enough discussion going on to warrant a higher ranking, but that content is good when it gets posted.

Final Verdict: This group has a very far-reaching network that should be mined for contacts.

#2. GoGeomatics Canada

Since you’re reading this article, it’s probably safe to say you’re aware that GoGeomatics is more than just a LinkedIn group or a blog. It’s a vibrant online community that fosters networking and professional development for those working in the geomatics field in Canada.

GoGeomatics LinkedIn Activity Stats

Final Verdict: A very strong group with a consistent stream of engaging content.

#1. Canadian GIS & Geomatics

This group is one of the hottest Canadian based groups on LinkedIn and provides the whole breadth of the geomatics industry, covering GIS, Remote Sensing, Surveying, Cartography, GPS, and LIDAR. The Canadian GIS & Geomatics group also has a very even representation of professionals from across the nation. If you want to be up to date on the geomatics industry then you should be a member of this group.

Final Verdict: This very balanced and well-rounded group is definitely worth being engaged in.


6 comments on "Top Five Canadian Geomatics LinkedIn Groups"

  1. Jeff Lee says:

    Hmmm. Canadian Institute of Geomatics founded in 1882. There must be a typo or have I missed something?

    1. James says:

      Not a typo (at least not on my end). I believe the CIG has its roots in an old survey association that was founded in 1882.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the list. I love these things. You did another one on the Twitter groups. I Really appreciate it! Make it so easy to quickly build up my social media connections in GIS and geomatics. All the other groups are heavy on the American side.


  3. Cool, list I joined all of these groups and would have to agree that these are no doubt the best out there for people who love both Geomatics & Canada

    You should do FaceBook Geomatics Groups next …

  4. Sabine says:

    A very good list. I am a member of GoGeomatics and I am happy that it made the list.

  5. I run a Geomatics consulting business and have found these groups to be extremely resourceful and a place where professionals with brilliant ideas meet. Great job on putting this together James!

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