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Top Ten Geomatics LinkedIn Groups

GoGeomatics Canada has compiled a list of the Top Ten Geomatics related Linkedin Groups. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, geomatics content on social media is growing. Photographs, articles, updates on technology, jobs and events are posted, retweeted, and updated on multiple social networks. Our Top 10 Canadian Geomatics Twitter Feeds article and Top Five Canadian Geomatics LinkedIn Groups article have both been great hits.

Here, we are going to explore the Top Ten Geomatics LinkedIn Groups. We based this list on quantity of members and after joining, based on content. Did you make the cut?


1. GIS FUSION GIS & Technological Innovation Forum

This group has the most members worldwide with 40,811 people putting in their two cents on how GIS and technology is evolving. The 298 discussions this month revolve around the current advancements of GIS from Sweden to Australia, and from students to organizations.

2. GIS

An astounding 37,941 members provide their input onto this LinkedIn group. This month there have been 237 posts including simple GIS questions and related answers and lots of GIS in the news style postings. Want to stay up to date on everything GIS? Follow this group.

3. GIS, Mapping, and Geo Technology Professionals

There have been 212 posts this month for their 26,519 members to read up on. Another RSS feed comes from the groups blog: GIS User. The content spans from polar bear webmaps to a map of the most expensive airports to use during the holiday season. We love this group for its ability to find GIS in everything – and let its followers know about it!

4. ESRI Network

They have 16,240 members and boast an impressive 126 discussions this month alone. As you can expect, all things ESRI is the topic of discussion. Gene V. Roe dominates the board with updates from his LiDAR blog. Discussions come from around the world, allowing members to network in a variety of languages about their commonality: ESRI.

5. GIS Professional & Networking

This group encompasses everything that LinkedIn stands for – networking. The 12,930 members have 85 discussions this month surrounding industry updates and personal job seeking posts worldwide.

6. GIS Jobs 

Not surprisingly this group made the cut, with the simple title of GIS combined with jobs – something that everyone is interested in. The 12,001 members have 54 discussions this month – small compared to the other groups. The majority of posts are RSS feeds from various job sites. Follow if you’re on the job hunt!

7. Surveyor Network

This surveying specific group consists of 10,425 members and 212 discussions from this month. No RSS feeds here, just postings about surveying from around the world. Join if you want to meet and network with some surveyors.

8. GPS Business News

Even though their one of the smaller groups member-wise, the 6,753 members still put out 43 discussions this month. Launched in 2007, this group covers the media on geo-location applications, something that everyone is utilizing these days.

9. Location Intelligence and Analytics

This groups 6,000 members are all ‘passionate about implementing location intelligent solutions for enterprise computing and business analytics’. Follow this group if you’re interested in taking your geomatics discussion to the next level.

10. GoGeomatics Canada

The list wouldn’t be complete without us! We post freshly published articles from our webmagazine, job and event postings that come to our job board. Our 844 members are very passionate about Canadian geomatics and still posted 45 discussions this month!

What is YOUR favourite geomatics LinkedIn group?

2 comments on "Top Ten Geomatics LinkedIn Groups"

  1. miblon says:

    Thank you for rating my group as second! Proud to be recognized like that and it sure makes all the volunteer work I put in it worthwhile.

    1. Deanna Sokoloski says:

      Your work definitely has not gone unnoticed – glad you saw our article! Thanks for the tweet out as well!

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