Many people are wondering how to get involved and contribute to the Canadian geospatial community and become a volunteer. They have good reason: volunteering with GoGeomatics can bring bring many career benefits.   Now is the perfect time to commit energy to help others, get involved with something you feel passionate about, and meet new people.Volunteering can be a great boost for your career. Here’s how GoGeomatics volunteering can help you thrive.

  1. Volunteering will help you develop new job skills like leadership, communications, and project management.
  2. Apply current geomatics skills in new ways or work towards new skills in areas that you have left unexplored till now.
  3. You can build a track record of work or interest in a specific technology or sector related to your geospatial career aspirations.
  4. You can demonstrate to your potential employer that you are committed to, and educated about, their issue of concern.

Join the GoGeomatics Editors & Writers Group

The Editors and Writers group is the beating heart of our magazine. We are the largest and most popular community hub for articles, news, events and geomatics content in Canada.  Using our online tools the editors and writers produce articles of interest to the community.  The group meets virtually once a month for around an hour.  The time involved is usually no more than 3-4 hours per month. Click here to learn more about joining the Editor and writers group.

Join the GoGeomatics Communications Team

GoGeomatics is the most effective and visible communication channel which showcases the Canadian geospatial sector to the world. As a communications team member you will be tasked with a variety of duties. You will work with industry standard tools like WordPress, MailChimp, MeetUp, and Hootsuite.  Team members support a variety of initiatives including events and community outreach.  We may also ask you to help with event coordination, fundraising and sponsorship seeking, implementing community outreach strategies, and building relationships with individual and institutional supporters.  Click here to learn more about joining the communications team.

Become a GoGeomatics Group Leader

The GoGeomatics Canada Groups are fun professional networking groups. They are free monthly socials at your local pub or coffee shop where Canadian geomatics professionals, enthusiasts, students, business, and entrepreneurs get together to network. In general they run from September to May. Groups meet once a month for a few hours or more.  We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic passionate individual who are interested in organizing and acting as hosts for our groups.  Click here to learn more about becoming a group leader.