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Welcome to the New GoGeomatics Canada!

Here at GoGeomatics Canada, we want to say hello to our new users and “surprise” to our existing members. We have a new site and new tools for your Canadian geomatics career and interests.

Lets take a little walk down memory lane. GoGeomatics Canada started as a job board in 2006. We quickly became the largest and most popular job board in Canada. Since then we expanded our services and content to include a magazine, career coaching, recruiting services, career seminars, and marketing services.  Click on the services link at the top of the page for more info on that.

In order to support what we have been doing, we needed a new website that integrated all of the components of the previous websites. However we have shed some of the less interesting parts of the site, such as the USA and European job boards as well as the forums.

In an effort to promote integration on our new site, you can log into the jobs and events board and be logged into the web magazine. As well we have partnered with LinkedIn so that you can use your LinkedIn resume and logins for GoGeomatics Canada.

We are really excited about these new features of the site:

  • The new Canadian GoGeomatics Web Magazine
  • The Canadian Geomatics Virtual Career Fair
  • The Events board where groups and conferences can post notices of their events
  • The integration of the job board with LinkedIn
  • You can upload your LinkedIn resume to our board making it quick and easy to put a resume together and work with your LinkedIn Profile
  • Completely integrated job and resume reviewing software. As well you can pre-screen candidates with pre-screening questions
  • Online payment systems with PayPal
  • More opportunities for banner advertising
  • GoGeomatics Canada Group pages for our Groups in Ottawa, Toronto and Niagara

Please join us by using the free resources on the site and perhaps you want to contribute an article or posting as well.  If your company, group, or organisation wishes to work with us to enhance your own projects and visibility let us know by using the contact form.

Welcome to the new GoGeomatics Canada.

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