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What is the Canadian Cartographic Association?

The Canadian Cartographic Association (CCA) was founded in 1975 with the aim to promote interest in maps and cartographic
materials, deepen the understanding and knowledge of maps by encouraging research in the field of cartography, advance education in cartography and use of maps and in current terms to embrace digital / internet mapping along with Geographic Information Science.

Passionate about maps and map making?
Membership is open to anyone with an interest in any aspect of mapping and members are drawn from the ranks of government, private sector, colleges, universities and the general public. Being a member gives you access to a network of peers in the cartography field to exchange ideas and information on research, education, best practices and discuss mutual concerns through periodic meetings and publications.

Student prizes and contests
Each year during spring, the Canadian Cartographic Association gets together at the Annual Conference. The summit creates the opportunity to meet Canadian Cartographers personally and fosters an environment to reflect on ideas and knowledge without virtual boundaries. By attending the conference you also become automatically a member of the organization.
As a student there are several prizes to win which can make you stand out among the cartographic community. The Canadian Cartographic Association sponsors the long-standing President’s Prize/Prix du Président for student map making, the Best Student Paper/Presentation delivered at the annual conference and the Carto-Québec Prize/Prix Carto-Québec. New since 2017 is the Student Web Map Award. And for those interested in pursuing cartographic education, there is the Norman Nicholson Memorial Scholarship.

International role of the CCA

Internationally, the Canadian Cartographic Association (CCA) plays a leading role in the International Cartographic Association (ICA) through the Canadian National Committee (CNC). The CNC, chaired by a CCA nominee, is responsible for coordinating Canadian participation. The International Cartographic Association covers a range of disciplines, from Map Design to Visual Analytics and Atlases. One of the highlights is the biennial Mountain Cartography Workshop held in mountain venues worldwide. A major goal of the Workshop is fostering the theoretical and practical aspects of cartography in mountain regions by bringing together researchers and mapmakers from around the world to share ideas and contribute to scientific journals and paper sessions at every International Cartographic Conference (ICC).

Being a member of the CCA gives access to:

  • Cartographica: this is an international, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal that publishes transformative research, education, and practice contributions to the social, political, technological, and historical aspects of cartography. Members automatically receive Cartographica and it is the official quarterly publication of the Canadian Cartographic Association.
  • Cartouche: members receive a digital copy of the CCA newsletter, announcing the activities of the Association, forthcoming events, products, news items and short articles.
  • International Cartographic Association Newsletter: CCA members can access the ICA newsletter online

Visit our website to learn more about the Canadian Cartographic Association. If you want to join the CCA you can do so by following this link to the webpage. You can also stay informed by joining the CCA listserver.

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