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Women in Geomatics, We Want to Hear from You!

Every year, GoGeomatics Canada pays tribute to International Women’s Day by publishing a series of articles about women working in the geomatics field. Although International Women’s day is on March 8th, GoGeomatics celebrates women in geomatics for the entire month. GoGeomatics highlights the perspectives of students, new grads, surveyors, cartographers, remote sensing specialists, instructors, and veterans in the field.

This year, we want to hear from you! Please submit a 500-700 word article about your experience in the geomatics field to info@gogeomatics.ca.


This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to bring up an issue faced by women in the geospatial field or for women who simply want to share their experience in geomatics.


In the spirit of our favourite month, here is a list of our 3 most popular articles about women in geomatics:

Lawrie Keillor-Faulkner: GIS Instructor, Fleming College

Meghan Miller: Creative Canadian Cartographer

Women in Geomatics: Jaime Simpson – Pipeline Surveying in Alberta


Read our other articles about women in geomatics here.

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