Writing Services

As a Geomatics technology/service innovator in Canada,

  • Do you have great Geomatics technology/service that you want the industry to recognize?
  • Do you want to prove yourself as a thought leader in your niche?
  • Do you want to promote your brand?

If so, please take a moment to read how our writing services can help you achieve your Geospatial Technical Marketing Goal

Our Deliverables

  • White Papers
    Provide detailed solutions to the industry through white papers. They build up your brand while portraying your company as a great industry knowledge leader. After understanding your specialized area through interviews, notes and reference material, we write quality lucid white papers.
  • Success Stories (Case Studies)
    Highlight the unique services you have provided and success you have attained in a specific technical or business area to potential clients through white papers. We work with you to research and write quality success stories/case studies for your industry.
  • Conference Papers
    Rather than attending conferences for just networking and exhibiting your products and services, why not present a paper? It will establish you as a subject matter expert that you are in the eyes of potential clients leading to new sales opportunities. We listen to your ideas and needs and produce technical conference papers which will profoundly affect your audience.
  • Articles
    Publish regularly in the leading journals/magazines of your industry to establish yourself as an expert. Nothing will propel your further as serious thought leaders than regularly publishing in technical journals. We will transform your rough ideas and notes into quality hardcopy/web articles.
  • Blog Posts
    Blog posts can highlight your achievements, educate the industry, announce events, etc. They can be your regular voice to your leads and customers. A company blog is an excellent way to funnel web traffic from potential clients to your company website. With your guidance we regularly deliver blog posts throughout your calendar with the topics of your choice.
  • Social Media Content
    Regular, quality social media posts are effective in establishing your company as a thought leader in your industry. We will understand where you want to go with your social media campaigns and develop regular blog posts and other custom content.

Our Process

  • Initial Meeting
    We meet or more commonly hold a virtual session on Zoom / MS Teams. This meeting is to clarify expectations on both sides.​
  • Information Exchange
    If we decide to proceed, we expect to receive your requirements, documents, ideas, instructions, references, photos, etc. by email. After some email exchanges, we determine if we have everything we need.
  • Execution
    Once all or most information is available, we start working on the project. We will contact you for any clarifications that we need as well as any interim deliverable. ​
  • Feedback Loop
    We work with you, eliciting your feedback to improve. In most situations, we are able to anticipate your needs. We will continue working with you through several drafts until you are satisfied.
  • Delivery
    We will deliver a quality product on time which exceeds your expectations.

NOTE: We work remotely for geographically distant clients.