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Your Canadian Geospatial Briefing for June 15th: Canadian Drone delivery solution; City of Montreal open data; Tagged leatherback sea turtles; Endangered Fish in BC

Drone company will convey COVID-19 medical equipment to First Nation

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) will transport COVID-19 medical products using Sparrow drone to Beausoleil First Nation (BSN) community located at the southern tip of Georgian Bay north of Barrie, Ontario.

DDC’s services will start within the next three months in a first-of-its-kind agreement in Canada between DDC and Beausoleil First Nation.

Michael Zahra, president and CEO of DDC believes that the drone delivery solution will be helpful for the Beausoleil First Nation residents by reducing face-to-face interactions between mainland and Christian Island during COVID-19 pandemic.


Montreal OPEN DATA: Unveiling of the new open data website

The City of Montreal has announced its new and interactive open data platform to make it easier for Montreal community to access and use datasets. More user-friendly, data visualization with interactive tools and API access for developers are some of the major differences between the new open data website and the old data platform.

There is a webinar on June 17th at 12 pm to learn more about the new open data platform of the city of Montreal: Register link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/billets-presentation-du-nouveau-site-web-des-donnees-ouvertes-de-montreal-106978002084

Moreover, City of Montreal invites institutional organizations who work on the Montreal’s revival context to join its team as external partners.

A tale of 2 leatherback sea turtles tagged off Nova Scotia

Isabel and Ruby, two leatherback sea turtles had been tagged off in July 2019 in Nova Scotia. They were carrying a tracking transmitter and an accurate GPS locations collector device through 12,000-kilometre migration from Canada to Trinidad island.

After 10 months, when two nesting leatherbacks came back to Trinidad island, their tags and stored data recovered by researchers and volunteers.

The data will be useful for scientists to reconstruct the movement of the sea turtles during their migration. Mike James, lead scientist with the sea turtle unit at Fisheries and Oceans Canada believes that scientists are aware of the threats to the turtles, interactions with local fisheries and human impact on them. They need data to better understand that.

This map shows Isabel and Ruby traveled more than 12,000 kilometres after being tagged off Nova Scotia. Source: Fisheries and Oceans

This Effort to Save Endangered Fish in BC Is Working

At least 37 Rockfish species are detected in British Columbia waters but many of them are in danger from overfishing in Galiano and other Gulf Islands of BC.

Between 2003 and 2007, Fisheries and Oceans Canada designated 164 federal rockfish conservation areas (RCAs) on the Pacific coast. However, it is not enough to save rockfish due to illegal fishing within RCAs.

In 2014, the Galiano Conservancy Association collaborated with the University of Victoria to launch a study to educate fishers and judge compliance with federal fishing regulations within three RCAs around the Galiano island. So they employed several cameras and posted information signs. The project helps reduce illegal fishing within the island’s RCAs .

Moreover, this team will work with Angler’s Atlas_an online resource of map, hotspots and boat launches for anglers_to expand its MyCatch app to show RCAs, give real-time alerts when fishers enter the boundaries, present regulations details and help identify rockfish.

Map data by DFO/OpenStreetMap via ArcGIS
Madeleine Ankenman, biological technician with the Galiano Conservancy Association, checks a wildlife camera monitoring fishing activity within a rockfish conservation area near Galiano Island, BC. Photo by Larry Pynn.

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