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Your International Geospatial Briefing for February 24th: GeoCue Expands into Canadian Market; Descartes Labs Launches New Platform; GIS as Intelligent Nervous System for the Planet; First Round of GeoIgnite 2020 Sponsors Announced

GeoCue Expands into Canadian Market

In terms of the commercial UAV market, we are always learning about the new and innovative tech, however it may surprise you how many of those conversations do not involve the availability of the tech. We are quick to discuss the capabilities and its potential disruption to the industry, but not if we can get our hands on the tech.

This is why GeoCue Group entered a partnership with the Canadian Company Sumac Geomatics Incorporated in order to help with the distribution of their “True View integrated lidar/imaging sensors for UAV/drone operations”.

GeoCue has already made significant contribution to the U.S. Market, and the move to the Canadian market will be nothing short of a testament to their success.

GeoCue Expands into the Canadian Market with Sumac Geomatics Incorporated Distribution Parternship

Descartes Labs Launches New Platform

Descartes Labs is a geospatial startup based in New Mexico. On January 22nd, 2020, the company announced the launch of it’s newest platform “which promises to bring its data together with all of the tools data scientists… including those with no background in analyzing this kind of information… would need to work with these images to analyze them and build machine learning models based on the data in them”.

This new platform will customers access to the “tools and data” that the current team uses to solve problems and build solutions. CEO Phil Fraher stated that “Previously, a data science team at a company that’s interested in this kind of analysis would also have to know how to wrangle very large-scale or petabyte-scale Earth observation data sets… These are very unique and specific skillsets and because of that kind of barrier to entry, the adoption of some of this technology and data sources has been slow.”

This new platform is currently available for businesses to use. To try the platform, please visit – https://www.descarteslabs.com

Descartes Labs launches its new platform for analyzing geospatial data

GIS as Intelligent Nervous System for the Planet

As technology continues to advance, so do its limitations. Geospatial data is now being organized into a variety of layers that allow us to understand and see our planet in a new way.

To some GIS may seem like a complex acronym that can only be applied to professionals, but the adoption of GIS is becoming more relevant to virtually everyone. As a result, it is not hard to visualize GIS as our planet’s nervous system.

As GIS professionals are being seen as a key component in the latest tech breakthroughs, we are seeing that web developers and GIS analysts are in high demand.

GIS as Intelligent Nervous System for the Planet

First Round of GeoIgnite 2020 Sponsors Announced

The GeoIgnite Committee would like to thank our first round of sponsors for participating in the upcoming conference. 

If you would like to sponsor or exhibit at the upcoming GeoIgnite event, please review the attached kit.

To download our participation kit, click here.

Gold – Mapbox

Silver – Carto Canada, PCI Geomatics

Media Sponsors – Canadian GIS, Geospatial World, GoGeomatics Canada, Lidar News, Praxiem, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, xyht

First Round of GeoIgnite 2020 Sponsors Announced

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