About Gayathri Ganesan

Gayathri Ganesan is a new writer for GoGeomatics. She completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo in Anthropology and Business. Currently, she is completing her post-graduate GIS Applications programme at Fleming College. She is also working on two projects for the City of Toronto, and is open to more GIS opportunities. She is interested in community and municipal development and welfare. Gayathri also enjoys and has experience in field archaeology, and is keen on learning more.

Posts by Gayathri Ganesan

As a graduating student from the GIS program at Fleming College I have been looking to attend leading events in the industry to learn more about the GIS sector.  I had heard that URISA Ontario BeSpatial is a great event through GoGeomatics when I joined them as a new contributor. After contacting the organizers of the event I had the chance to go to BeSpatial and am sharing my experience with the community. What is the event all about? BeSpatial is an annual event held by URISA Ontario covering a range of topics related to GIS training, exhibitions and new technologies. At this year’s event there were three main themes: Innovations...