Kevin Jones

Kevin R. Jones has worked in the field of Geomatics since 1996, and currently holds the position of Executive Director, Marketing at PCI Geomatics. In 2009 joined PCI Geomatics to lead the Marketing and Communications team. Mr. Jones has successfully rebranded PCI as the provider of scalable, high speed image processing solutions, and played a key role in developing and supporting business partner relations with Esri, Blackbridge, MDA, RapidEye, and over 30 of PCI's International resellers.

Mr. Jones implemented the use of social media and created PCI TV, which has helped to reinforce PCI Geomatics as a leading supplier of software solutions to the global market. In addition, he has lead web seminar production and delivery, international tradeshow strategy/presence, organized and hosted domestic events, and worked with executive staff within the company to implement numerous internal and external programs.

Articles by Kevin Jones

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