Zarin Mom

My name is Zarin Tasnim Mom, and I am a UofT graduate on GIS and Geography. My interest lies greatly in climatology, urban infrastructure, transportation, which I like to monitor and study through various GIS tools and analysis. Some of my achievements include receiving the Undergraduate Research award, multiple scholarships, Volunteer of the Year award and 2021 Geography Award with the highest CGPA. I hope to bring my skills, attentiveness and learning aptitude to GoGeomatics, as a Writer and Editor. Lastly, I am very adventurous in nature and love to try bizarre foods!

Articles by Zarin Mom

World’s First Holographic Tactical Display for Detecting Submarines, by Canadian Technology Companies

About Kongsberg Geospatial: Based in Ottawa, Canada, Kongsberg Geospatial creates precision real-time software for mapping, geospatial visualization, and situational awareness. The Company’s products…

Disaster Management Made Difficult by the Pandemic – Drones to the Rescue!

Natural disasters, to say the least, have jeopardized the livelihood of millions, and the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are not…