BlackSky in Canada

Beattie Geospatial Intelligence Consulting Ltd is now representing BlackSky in Canada, on-line presentations available for your organization. Contact: Consult.BGIC@gmail.com

  • BlackSky Global Satellites
  • Fast turnaround
    • <6hrs collection to delivery
    • <1hr possible, fastest @ 6.25 minutes
  • Frequent daily revisits
  • 0.9-1.2m GSD at nadir; RGB/pan pixels
  • Sun-sync and mid-inclination orbits
  • Collections throughout daylight hours
  • High tasking priority levels available
  • 6 satellites currently on orbit and more planned for 2021
  • 2 sun-sync & 4 mid-inclination
  • BlackSky Events
  • Global Media Monitoring & Tipping & Cueing Source
  • Powered by Spectra Fusion, leverages mainstream and hyper-local news, financial and industry publications
  • Natural language processing powered by Spectra AI
  • Geolocation extraction
  • Thematic event channels.
  • Alerts and notifications

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