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Reduct NV Discusses Concept to Challenge Today’s Perspective on Gyro-Mapping

Product-as-a-service can make Gyro-Mapping more affordable for all.

Otto Ballintijn, CEO of Reduct NV, introduced Product-as-a-service (Paas) as a concept during a March 22, 2022, livestream at SUMSF.

Reduct NV, a world leader in Gyro-Mapping technology, is part of a new concept to make this technology more accessible. Ballintijn wants to move this technology from a certain niche, to a generally accepted technology for mapping any part of infrastructure.

The issue is today’s perception that Gyro-mapping is expensive. This is because, at this time, this technology requires a large amount of planning and a separate team needs to come in for support. The reality is if it is done efficiently, it is possible to have a price advantage over other technologies.

Otto Ballintijn, CEO of Reduct

Ballintijn said the product is presently offered in an inefficient manner, as Gyro-mapping is still considered a solution requiring experts and deployment of a team, causing high-mobilization costs, and long traveling distance. Service providers offer a fixed rate.  He showed how pricing per foot is part of the problem, and discussed a few solutions to solve the dilemma. 

Paas (Product-as-a-service) was further discussed, and how Reduct is doing its part. 

Ballintijn introduced Reduct Academy, where training is offered to people like subcontractors to do this type of work. They are trained on how to use the tools, including assembling and processing information. This academy helps get the team up and running. 

Ballintijn also discussed the several “upsides” to this concept. He mentioned the flexibility, zero investment risk, technology proof, transparency, competitiveness, and being fully variable. 

A deep, heartfelt thank you to Reduct NV, a Gold Sponsor for SUMSF, 2022 (The Subsurface Utility Mapping Strategy Forum).

An interesting discussion followed the presentation. You can watch the live-streamed presentation on Youtube below.