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GIS Faculty - COGS: Teaching a variety of fundamental and advanced courses in using GIS Technology. Interests continue to be GIS programming and geography-related database design/utilisation.

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Posted on July 7, 2017
Hi COGS Grads: this is a nice manner to share “where you are” for a number of reasons: to help students get ideas about where possible jobs and opportunities are; to help each of us stay in touch with classmates, friends, and connections regarding “where” we work, and; to depict methods of pinning points on a map (zoom out for heat map, zoom in to show scale-dependent rendering, make use of various mapping elements (bookmarks, layers, basemaps, collecting “where” data through Google Form, managing that data in Google Sheets). Participation is voluntary. From June to early July 2017, 20 grad added their info to our "where...
Posted on November 13, 2012
The essence of this article is: preparing a thick border around polygons for display on ArcGIS Online (but also in ArcMap); note I am using what is now - Nov 2012 - referred to as ArcGIS Online Personal, rather than ArcGIS Online for  Organizations. The trick, is to have those thick borders only inside the polygons; traditional cartographic borders are drawn inside and outside polygons. I got the basic idea from Esri’s Liz Sarow, and wanted to try it on my own. Here's an example: Figure 1: Thick (5 km) borders around inside of each NS County (ArcMap) Figure 2: Thick (5 km) borders around inside of each NS County (ArcGIS...
Posted on September 24, 2012
GoGeomatics Canada is talking to Dave MacLean - a member of the GIS Faculty at the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. GoGeomatics: Welcome to the GoGeomatics Canada community. To get started, can you tell us about where you are from and where you’ve lived in your GIS career?

 Dave MacLean: I am a Maritimer, having grown up in southern NB, then NS with family in PEI, too. Along with my wife and two children, we have lived in Bridgetown, NS, since July 2001. As for my GIS-based career, I have also lived in Saint John, NB, while working as GIS Specialist for J.D. Irving, Ltd.; in Doha, Qatar, as GIS...