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Web Map of COGS Graduates: where are you now?

Hi COGS Grads: this is a nice manner to share “where you are” for a number of reasons: to help students get ideas about where possible jobs and opportunities are; to help each of us stay in touch with classmates, friends, and connections regarding “where” we work, and; to depict methods of pinning points on a map (zoom out for heat map, zoom in to show scale-dependent rendering, make use of various mapping elements (bookmarks, layers, basemaps, collecting “where” data through Google Form, managing that data in Google Sheets).

Participation is voluntary. From June to early July 2017, 20 grad added their info to our “where are COGS grads” map! Try it (along with 434 others) here http://bit.ly/COGSGradMap. Contact me, Dave MacLean, to update your pin. My contact details are below in my profile.

Thanks to Jonathan Murphy (COGS GRAD) & GoGeomatics Canada for publishing this.

COGS Grad Web Map

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