Greg Duffy

Greg is the principal consultant of The Woodfield Management Group, based near Toronto, Canada. He founded Woodfield in 2002 following a broad career at the x-y-z coordinates of customer service, process management and geo-information technology. He specializes in business planning, program management and strategic directions through value driven integrated enterprise approaches to exploiting the information in GIS, BI, CRM and other disciplines of I&T. He is an accomplished advisor, writer and speaker on programs, projects and people where infrastructure, technology and processes meet to serve a public. Greg enjoyed a long GI career at Bell Canada, Compusearch, Yellow Pages and GDT before establishing his coaching, consulting, speaking and writing practice.

He has developed a number of workshops regarding I&T business case design and Program Portfolio Management techniques to stimulate demand for technology benefits..

His recent book “Demystifying Business Cases for Information Technology GIS and more …” was published in May and is available worldwide in Paperback and Kindle (on amazon.com) as well as on his site www.ReturnsValuesImpacts.com

Articles by Greg Duffy

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