Kei Ayguci

Kei Ayguci is a GIS & LiDAR Specialist with more than 6 years of experience. She holds a bachelor’s degree in geography and a master’s degree in remote sensing and geospatial analysis. Her professional experience includes LiDAR data analysis for individual tree detection, forest state evaluation, sustainable forest management consulting, practical work relating to planning and producing various maps, and collecting required data from aerial photographs and satellite imagery. Being enthusiastic about geospatial analysis, she is well versed in all of the current technologies and hardware relating to GIS&GPS and expertise in Esri Suite of Tools, ENVI, AgioftPhotoscan, Python, SQL.

Articles by Kei Ayguci

A Japanese Perspective: LiDAR forest data for resource analysis in Japan

The GIS & LiDAR Specialist I am Kei, a passionate GIS & LiDAR Specialist with over 6 years’ experience in…