Manminder 'Meena' Kaur

As a writer and editor for GoGeomatics, Meena enjoys expressing and exploring the dynamic range of creative writing ideas to enhance the field of geomatics. Meena has a passion for discovering wonderful facts about world geography and the art history of beautiful cartography. As a university graduate, her geography career aspiration is to become an essayist within the academia field for university professors because she loves reading, words, infinite curiosity, gathering information, researching geographical maps and then compiling it altogether to create a masterpiece for the artist’s declaration. Meena’s previous roles have included mapping course content review for adult learning educational programs and managing projects whilst traveling to various cities to gather assessment information. Having successfully passed a diploma in civil engineering design and technology, this opened up the world of geometry which resonates well with Meena through geomatics. She is currently studying the Certificate in Applied Digital Geography and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) at Ryerson University and is very enthusiastic about comprising themes about cartography, geography and travel.

When Meena is not obsessing over how glorious and how fantastic historic cartography is, she is passionately taking Brazilian Samba dance classes and is performing this beautiful dance art form in stage shows. She loves travel adventure holidays as well as relaxing on the beach and swimming in the ocean. As an abstract artist, her artwork is inspired by painting on canvass in mixed media to reflect the emotional feeling of living in the moment. Meena was born and raised in England, her heritage stems from India, she is fluent in speaking Punjabi and she currently lives in Canada. Meena loves geography related vocation opportunities that allow her to travel abroad.

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