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Thomas Hoppe, B.Tech. (Surveying Engineering), Professional Surveyor Owner/Manager 43 Degrees North Enterprises Ltd. Thomas has been employed in the Geomatics industry since 1986 with international and unique positioning technology experience. Beginning his surveying career in Ontario Canada, Thomas has lived and worked in multiple locations in North America holding multiple roles from Professional Surveyor, Technical Trainer, Aerial Survey Manager, UAV Pilot and Technical Support for surveying equipment. Currently located in Calgary Alberta, Thomas provides land and aerial survey services throughout western Canada. With current Special Flight Operations Certificates in multiple regions from Transport Canada, Thomas provides contract UAV pilot, UAV aerial surveys, UAV data processing and training services to multiple clients.

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Posted on April 12, 2017
For the past four years, I’ve been involved with the capture and delivery of data derived from drones. My experience has provided me with a good perspective on the quality of the data that can be derived from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV's as well as the typical perceived expectations from my clients. This has been a very educational experience, but not to dissimilar from the early days using Global Navigation Satellite Systems or GNSS. First and foremost, accuracy is not indicative of precision, nor is precision a guarantee of accuracy. A simple definition of accuracy is the nearness to the truth, (theoretically correct value,...