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Canadian GeoSpatial Professionals are Playing GoGeomatics Trivia

Are you ready to unleash your inner Geo geek?

What was the name of the first GIS ever created?

  1. The Computer Geography System
  2. The Federal Lands System
  3. Earth, Land and Air Modeller (ELAM)
  4. The Canada Geographic Information System (CGIS)

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Before Christmas GoGeomatics distributed the first early content of our geomatics trivia game.  So far we have around 100 questions with multiple choice answers in three categories, Canadian geography, GIS, and remote sensing.  Our game highlights a number of achievements made by Canadian and Canada in the field of geomatics and geography but also includes a lot of general knowledge type questions. We are expanding the game to encompass surveying and geomatics engineering as its own category in the future.

The game has already been played and enjoyed  in GoGeomatics networking groups in Fredericton, Kelowna, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Fredericton GoGeomatics Group on trivia night

Fredericton GoGeomatics Group on trivia night: From left to Right: Alexander Turner; Selim Erguden; David Simmonds; Bernie Connors; Kali Malone; Stephanie Duffy.

One of our group leaders described playing the Trivia game like this:

It was incredibly fun and the crowd was quite engaged in trying to figure out the answers. People were excitedly shouting out answers at us and we were trying to figure out which people were saying the right answers. We were completely blown away by the intellectual capability of people to remember facts about GIS they probably learned years ago and being the recall the exact names of things… it was fascinating.  – Murrium Zaheer, GoGeomatics Group Leader Fredericton

We will continue to work on the game and host trivia nights across Canada. We have 14 geospatial networking groups that you can join in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Kelowna, Kingston, FrederictonLondon, Niagara, Ottawa, Peterborough, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and Vancouver.

If you have some interesting trivia you want to contribute please get in touch using our contact form at the bottom of the page.

GoGeomatics thanks our Trivia team for working on the game and contributing questions:

Jonathan Murphy, Managing Director GoGeomatics Canada

Dr. Robert Ryerson, President at Kim Geomatics Corporation

Melissa Dennison, GIS Student Ryerson University

Peter Hettstedt, Business Development Manager JD Barnes Ltd

Ted MacKinnon, Senior Geomatics Technologist NRCan

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