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Canadian Science Publishing welcomes CIG Geomatica to its journal portfolio

Press Release: Canadian Science Publishing (CSP), Canada’s independent, not-for-profit leader in mobilizing science-based knowledge, and the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG), the not-for-profit association that represents the interests of the geomatics community, announced today that the organizations have reached an agreement for the journal Geomatica to join CSP’s journal family to ensure its continued success as an internationally recognized publication in the field of geomatics sciences.

Geomatica joins the CSP portfolio as our 24th journal and we are proud to include this historical and influential peer-reviewed publication in our growing suite of journals,” said CSP Executive Director, Suzanne Kettley. “Geomatica is the oldest surveying and mapping publication in Canada and was first published in 1922. Today, the journal continues to make a significant contribution to the geomatics sciences and CSP looks forward to expanding the journal’s reach and impact worldwide as well as continuing our close relationship with CIG,”  Ms. Kettley continued. “CSP has provided publishing services to Geomatica since 2011, and we are very familiar with the journal and community.”

“As we set new directions for advancing geomatics sciences in Canada as well as enhancing public awareness on the role geospatial knowledge plays in our daily lives, we are thrilled to work with CSP as the new publisher of Geomatica,” said the President of the CIG, Mr. Brian Davies. “It is essential to maintain a publication record of the history, development, and progress of geomatics in Canada. The society has been proud to oversee the journal for almost 100 years. Given CSP’s established publishing infrastructure and longstanding history of supporting publications of professional societies in Canada, I am looking forward to working with CSP as Geomatica grows and develops,” added Mr. Davies. “CIG is proud to continue to call Geomatica its official technical journal.”

Published since 1922, Geomatica is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the dissemination of information on the latest advances in knowledge and technologies in the field of geomatics sciences. With an Editorial Board consisting of academic and industry experts in all realms of geomatics, Geomatica is led by Editor, Dr. Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi. “On behalf of the Editorial Board of Geomatica, I would like to thank the CIG for its dedication and support of the journal over the years. As we look to the future of the journal and our field of inquiry, I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with the team at CSP to continue to improve the quality, visibility, and sustainability of the journal. I am sure that Geomatica will continue to play an important role in effective dissemination and communication of the latest findings in geospatial sciences and technologies in Canada and around the world,” said Dr. Mostafavi.

Visit http://pubs.cig-acsg.ca/journal/cig to learn more about the journal.

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