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When: Friday October 4th, 2019 at 4PM

Where: 50 Elliott Rd, Lawrencetown, NS

Followed by the Lawrencetown Back to School Social at the Lunn’s Mill Beer Company from 7PM-9PM

Open to all COGS faculty, students and the public.

The changes we are witnessing today are being driven by the growing use of geospatial technology in everyday life. Artificial intelligence (AI), self-learning machines, Smart Cities, 5G, automated vehicles, and Big Data. The world has become geospatial by default and is already altering the ways decisions are made and information communicated.

Our moderator and panelists will discuss the future of the location technology sector, such as how data and services and the nature of work today have changed in order to prepare participants for the future of work. The panel will take questions from participants in a wide ranging discussion that is sure to be both provocative and insightful.

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