• Posted on: September 23, 2020
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GeoIgnite 2020 Video: Digital Transformation – Bilyana Anicic

Bilyana Anicic, the president from Aurora Consulting talks about Digital Transformation on July 23, 2020. Aurora Consulting helps clients bridge the divide between people, technology, data and the business and drive digital transformation. They help people find, see, use and understand data. They then help turn data into insights and insights into action.

In this session, Bilyana sheds light on how we see data in future. Visualizing data started with John Snow in 1854 where he plotted the outbreak of cholera in London. The technology and the understanding of the world have changed rapidly since then, which enables us to connect the dots for today’s disruption. John Hopkins University’s dashboard of the COVID-19 is a much more sophisticated version of John Snow’s work. The COVID-19 crisis is rapidly reshaping the “what” and “how” of digital transformation agendas. Through leveraging IoT, Big Data, blockchain, AI, location intelligence, etc. The information lets organizations improve their operations and decisions.

What does data mean to us in the future?

A new era of human experience is upon us. We reached a turning point in the digital transformation journey. This crisis highlighted the critical need for governments, businesses and individuals to rely on technology to power the future of work. Digital transformation that enables connecting data relating to people, places and things uncovers invaluable insight which improves decision making, facilitates a deeper understanding and enhances engagement.

It is exciting to see how data are interpreted at different times. And, of course, more importantly, how data will be collected, interpreted and used in the future.

GeoIgnite is Canada’s national geospatial conference hosted by GoGeomatics Canada.

GeoIgnite was held online via Zoom from July 22nd to 24th, 2020.  This free event showcased the Canadian geospatial community and the leaders of Canada’s location technology sector. The conference brought together professionals from government and industry for innovative programming and updates on our sector. Every year, GeoIgnite is a unique opportunity for the geospatial community in Canada and abroad to learn, share, and engage with one another. 

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