Amy Mui: High-Resolution Multispectral Satellite Imagery for Identifying Turtle Habitats

Amy Mui was not always in the geomatics industry. Beginning in wildlife biology, she now is a PhD candidate with…

Evaluation of the Data BC Portal, GIS Section

The province of British Columbia (B.C.) recently revised their portal. The main page offers a number of services to the…

43 Degrees North – Surveying and Mapping Solutions

GoGeomatics is continuing the exploration of careers in surveying by interviewing Thomas Hoppe, the founder of 43 Degrees North – Surveying and Mapping Solutions. 43 Degrees North is situated in Cobourg Ontario in picturesque Northumberland County along the north shore of Lake Ontario is a professional Land Surveying and Geomatics company in Ontario Canada. They provide a variety of geo-referenced solutions from boundary surveys, aerial photography ground support, pre-engineering surveys, construction layout, and survey training with an emphasis on GPS applications and technology