2019-2020 GoGeomatics Back to School Socials Announced and our First Sponsors

GoGeomatics is proud to announce its 6th annual series of coast-to-coast Back to School Socials beginning this September. In 2018 we welcomed over 500 geospatial, geomatics and geography students to the community. Our goal is to help them achieve success in their chosen careers and provide networking opportunities. 

The GoGeomatics group leaders, staff and sponsors are bringing the Canadian geospatial community together. We are looking forward to seeing you at the back to school social nearest you.

GoGeomatics Back to School Events 2019

CityDate RSVP Info
Vancouver, BCSeptember 9thMeetup Info
Kelowna, BCSeptember 10thMeetup Info
Calgary, ABSeptember 12thMeetup Info
Edmonton, ABSeptember 13thMeetup Info
Regina, SKSeptember 16thMeetup Info
Thunder Bay, ONSeptember 20thMeetup Info
Toronto, ONSeptember 24thMeetup Info
Kitchener Waterloo, ONSeptember 25thMeetup Info
Peterborough, ONSeptember 25thMeetup Info
Kingston, ONSeptember 26thMeetup Info
Ottawa, ONSeptember 27thMeetup Info
Niagara, ONSeptember 21thMeetup Info
Fredericton, NBOctober 2ndMeetup Info
Lawrencetown, NSOctober 4thMeetup Info

GoGeomatics thanks our National Gold and Silver City Sponsors for the 2019 Back to School Socials

National Gold Sponsors

Silver City Sponsors

Marketing Sponsors

Interesting in sponsoring the 2019-2020 GoGeomatics Back to School Socials? Download our sponsorship brochure below for more information, and please contact Jonathan Murphy at jmurphy@gogeomatics.com

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  1. fionag11 says:

    Edmonton Friday Sept 13th!

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