A New Eagle Takes Flight
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A New Eagle Takes Flight

Eagle Telecom Transforms into Eagle Engineering and Consulting and Expands into New Markets

Eagle Telecom, one of the primary telecom solutions providers in Atlantic Canada, has relaunched itself as Eagle Engineering and Consulting (Eagle-EAC). It’s a move designed to better reflect Eagle’s growth in its services, expertise, innovation and technology, particularly in Reality Capture, its latest business division.

“One of the reasons we grew into a preeminent telecom consultant is because we disrupted traditional workflows with inventive, technology-driven solutions that offered efficiency, intelligence and optimization,” said Dan McCarthy, Eagle-EAC’s President. “And since expanding into Geomatics, Municipal Services, and most recently, Reality Capture, we’ve been redefining business as usual in those markets as well. Rebranding as Eagle Engineering and Consulting better encapsulates our primary focus of consulting with a broad range of clients to understand their needs and engineering innovative solutions to solve their problems.”

After first recognizing the transformative capabilities of mobile mapping in the telecom market, Eagle-EAC identified the impact that 3D technology would have for a host of industries needing to improve productivity, efficiency, quality and safety. That culminated into both investing in technology that connects the physical and digital world and expanding its services to Geomatics, Municipal Services, and Reality Capture.

With a technology portfolio that includes mobile photogrammetry, mobile LiDAR, fixed LiDAR, SLAM LiDAR and drones, Eagle-EAC’s Reality Capture division permeates throughout the entire company, capturing and digitizing the physical world with unparalleled accuracy and detail. Its immersive digital representations of diverse worlds enable users in construction, architecture, telecoms and municipalities to see more, understand more and achieve more.

In addition to its Reality Capture services, Eagle-EAC’s Geomatics division provides map visualization, spatial analysis, geospatial data processing and mobile GIS tools for data collection and real-time field data updates. Its Municipal Services division offers dependable, repeatable and actionable solutions to help cities build and manage asset-heavy worlds. And in Telecoms, Eagle-EAC combines accurate mobile mapping technologies with streamlined data extraction and visualization to offer fit-for-purpose and turnkey solutions that are unmatched in quality and productivity.

Anchored by its pioneering spirit and enabling technology, Eagle-EAC is ready to capture reality and deliver excellence.

About Eagle Engineering and Consulting
Eagle is a multi-faceted, dynamic company driven by “What if”. As a turnkey solutions provider, our unique, fit-for-purpose solutions bring efficiency, productivity, quality and safety to a host of sectors such as telecoms, architecture, engineering, construction, urban planning, geomatics and asset management. At Eagle, we capture reality, we deliver excellence, and we transform work, enabling clients to see more, understand more and achieve more. Visit: eagle-eac.com

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