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Building Software Solutions for Climate Change: Closing the communication gap between citizens and trusted authorities before, during, or after a disaster

A Climate Change Problem: The Communication Gap between Citizens and Authorities

Ottawa-Gatineau Flood

At a time of rising climate change impacts, there is a vital and growing need to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters.

But there is a critical communication gap between authorities and citizens.

As citizens, we feel overwhelmed and do not know what specific actions we can take to avoid, mitigate, adapt to, or recover from the effects of climate change impacts and disasters in our personal situation (such as in our home and neighbourhood).

Authorities do not have an easy or consistent way to communicate directly with us and must battle despair, apathy, confusion, and misinformation.

A solution is needed to overcome this communication gap and spur effective action at the individual and community grassroots level.

Using Software to Overcome the Communication Gap

Citizen Flood Mobile App

Drawing on the ongoing results of our massive multi-year climate change R&D project, and with assistance from hundreds of students, citizens, academics, NGOs, and government officials, Canadian software company Deploy Solutions has identified the top perceived climate change-related communication problems. We have explored numerous ways software can help overcome these key barriers to trust and misinformation and offer practical and life-saving advice to protect citizens and society.

Using our unique software factory technology and approach, we are building a prototype to validate these concepts by exploring how authorities could communicate with the public before, during, or after a flood.

Our “space app” software solution demonstrates specific and practical ways satellite imagery, AI, web portals, geospatial data analysis and reporting tools, cloud-hosted infrastructure, and other features can be combined in a working software solution.

Trusted Authority Portal

Don’t Miss the GeoIgnite Earth Day and Deep Dive Sessions

On Earth Day at this year’s GeoIgnite conference, Deploy Solutions Founder & CEO Nicholas Kellett will be presenting “Building Software Solutions for Climate Change: Closing the communication gap between citizens and trusted authorities before, during, or after a disaster”.

The following week, we will host a deep dive webinar to explore the climate change research project prototype in greater detail. Topics covered will include:

  • Key research findings and insights, including the top communication problems.
  • Prototype and mockup demonstrations.
  • The vital roles of citizens, NGOs, government and private sector partners, students, and academia in the R&D work.
  • Practical insights and lessons learned running an international multi-year climate change research project remotely (and during a pandemic).

No technical knowledge is required, and we will set aside time to answer any questions you may have. Register with GeoIgnite now to attend the Earth Day and deep dive sessions. [link to the conference signup http://geoignite.ca/). Full details will be provided once you register.

Learn and be inspired by the practical ways software can help citizens and society weather climate change impacts and natural disasters!

About Deploy Solutions

Deploy Solutions connects Earth observation data with the needs of organizations and businesses by providing innovative Space Apps – software applications which use data from space.

We are a bootstrapping Canadian company developing a unique technology and approach to building these apps. Drawing on over two decades of global, award-winning development experience, we can generate quality applications quickly and cost-effectively, while substantially increasing the likelihood of achieving business goals.

Each year we help sponsor and help organize Space Apps Ottawa, which is a local version of the NASA International Space Apps Hackathon. We have been running an ongoing international research and development project, focused on helping citizens prepare for climate change impacts, since early 2019.

Email us at spaceapps@deploy.solutions to see how we can meet your business needs!

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