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ESRI City Engine & DEM Art at Next Kingston GoGeomatics Social October 21

GoGeomatics Kingston first social night was great. We had a much bigger turn-out than expected for our first get together. The group comprised many GIS professionals.  We want to thank staff from City of Kingston GIS department, Queen’s students, Queen’s faculty, and good turn out of self-employed geomatics professionals. Some of the discussions around the tables were about Open Data, GIS use in the real world as well as networking opportunities like GoGeomatics Canada.

A special thanks to ESRI Canada to sponsoring the event, providing appetizers and a number of items to raffled off as door prizes.

Our next GoGeomatics Kingston Social will be on October 21st at 7:00pm located at Tir Nan Og on 200 Ontario St Kingston, ON K7L 2Y9

This month we have two speakers lined up talking about turning traditional GIS data into something more tactile:

Phil Healey, GIS Manager from City of Kingston to talk about his groups use of ESRI City Engine which Transform 2D GIS Data into Smart 3D City Models. Esri CityEngine improves urban planning, architecture, and design. Use its 3D visualization power to see the relationships of projects, assess their feasibility, and plan their implementation.  Read more about it here:  Kingston3d

Robin Saunders who makes Topographic Wood carvings from Digital Elevation data.

“It’s one thing looking at topographic maps and interpreting what you’re seeing, and another to actually see, in physical, touchable form the same data where no interpretation is required. I’d like to be able to make larger maps for parks and education centers for kids to check out.” – Robin Saunders DEM World

Robin is currently working on making one for City of Kingston and will be showcasing it at the event as well as describing the process!

The monthly Kingston GoGeomatics social is a fun free event open to everyone in the community.  Join our Kingston Meetup Group to get reminders of socials each month.


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