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GeoIgnite 2020 Announcement: Defence and Security Day

GeoIgnite is pleased to announce its new tract dedicated to the men and women that strive to protect Canadians at home and abroad. Our new Defence and Security day will gather leaders and key figures in the Department of National Defence, Police Forces both provincial and federal, and other government organizations involved with public safety. This will provide the opportunity to network and share lessons learned, find ways that we can share data and tools, and introduce newly appointed members to key individuals of other organizations.

It is going ever more important that defense agencies stay well connected and build strong and lasting partnerships. With postings and regular reassignment of key figures across the region it can be challenging to keep up with who you should be contacting when reaching out to other organizations.

This conference seeks to solve this problem. Participants will learn what technologies Canada’s newest Targeting cell is using to achieve their missions. How members of defense and security can leverage modern geo solutions to manage their operations, and what the latest innovations industry is developing to help protect the lives of Canadians, and speed up our response times to crisis scenarios. Most importantly it provides a venue that could become a regular meetup for leadership in key positions in defense and security organizations to establish and build relationships in the geo community and amongst themselves.