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GoGeomatics Digital Traffic Continues to Grow

GoGeomatics Canada has one of the largest followings in the Canadian geomatics community across many online platforms and social media channels, and our reach continues to grow. In the past year, we’ve grown substantially in all of our digital channels, from the GoGeomatics Job Board, website and magazine, social media channels, and newsletter. GoGeomatics was created to bring the Geospatial community together and offer opportunities for companies, associations, and individuals to communicate with each other.

We are happy to say some famous words… Mission Accomplished!

If your organization, event, or company has news, jobs, products or services that you want to get out to the Canadian geomatics and geospatial community, you will find no better platform than GoGeomatics. Unlike many other websites that target the geomatics or geospatial community in general, our site only focuses on Canada. So you can be sure when you advertise with us, you are getting Canadian eyes on your content, ads, and marketing materials.

GoGeomatics Job Board by the Numbers

Much of the growth on the GoGeomatics website can be attributed to the explosive growth of our Job Board in recent months. Now, each job posting gets an incredible average of 1,600 views per month. This growth comes from a tactical change in our website optimization. Early in 2014, we created an open site that does not require job seekers to log in to view postings.

The increase in traffic has also led to an increase in users, both job seekers (44% increase) and employers (63% increase).

GoGeomatics Canada Website by the Numbers

On the GoGeomatics Canada Website, visitors read articles about Canadian Geomatics events, companies, opinion pieces, and the latest industry news. Both the quantity and the quality of the articles has increased substantially from a year ago. This is reflected in the number of visitors. Visitors to the website have grown significantly in the past year, as reflected in the following graphic:

Social Media Channels by the Numbers

At GoGeomatics, we have always believed in the power of using social media to connect and engage with the geomatics community. That’s why we’ve seen such a massive increase in both our Twitter followers and LinkedIn members. We use our social media channels to keep our pulse on the current geomatics climate and drive traffic to the website. Take a look at the stats below:

The Canadian Spatial Times Newsletter

The Canadian Spatial Times is our bi-weekly email newsletter with nearly 6,000 engaged subscribers. The average open rate for each newsletter is 30% – that’s double the industry average! Each newsletter includes our most recent job postings, magazine articles, events, and Canadian newsmakers.

Advertising Opportunities Available

Advertising opportunities are available to Canadian geomatics companies who want to take advantage of GoGeomatics’ web traffic. We offer ad space on the GoGeomatics website and Canadian Spatial Times Newsletter. Contact jmurphy@gogeomatics.ca for more information on advertising opportunities.

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