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A Boon for Université Laval Geomatics and Wood Construction Research

QUÉBEC CITY, Nov. 5, 2014 – The Québec City Convention Centre and Université Laval have been joining forces for 15 years to bring international events to Québec City. It has proven to be a productive partnership in university research funds.

On October 31 the Québec City Convention Centre’s international market account executive, Marie-Elaine Lemieux, had the honor of presenting Alexander Salenikovich, Associate Professor in the Department of Wood and Forest Sciences, with a $7,914 grant in conjunction with the World Conference on Timber Engineering 2014 (WCTE) and the 68th International Forest Product Society (FPS) 2014 Convention, both held in Québec City in August 2014. Salenikovich accepted the award during a meeting of the Industrial Research Chair on Eco-Friendly Wood Construction (CIRCERB).

These two successful events were the result of four years of hard work, starting in Italy in 2010. Pooling their know-how and experience, the three organizing partners—Alexander Salenikovich, Richard Desjardins of FPInnovations, and Caroline Frenette of cecobois, with the help of Marie-Elaine Lemieux of the Québec City Convention Centre—convinced WCTE decision makers to hold the 2014 edition in Québec City, the birthplace of Canada’s wood industry.

Fast forward to this summer, when Québec City welcomed 950 delegates from over 40 countries—visitors who generated an estimated $1.5 million in economic spinoffs for the tourism industry. Not only were these events an opportunity to showcase local expertise in building construction, enhance the visibility of all team members, and add to the experience of students involved in organizing the event, but they also opened up exciting possibilities for the future.

Robert Beauregard, dean of the Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics, expressed an interest and willingness to hold many other events in Québec City down the road—proof positive that the partnership between Université Laval and the Québec City Convention Centre will continue to grow in the coming years.

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