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Media Sponsors Announced: Canadian GIS & GIM International at the GoGeomatics Expo

Thank you to Canadian GIS & Geomatics  & GIM International for being media sponsors for the GoGeomatics Expo in Calgary, taking place November 6 to 8, 2023.

Canadian GIS & Geomatics is a network of websites and social media channels combined to help promote the Canadian Geospatial Industry to thousands of people since 2005, by providing a way where people can easily find, post and share information related to geomatics education, geospatial events, geo careers, open source data, mapping, software and many other Canadian geospatial related topics.

CanadianGIS.com is a geographic information resource portal with information on where to find Canadian data, the best Canadian career resources, geospatial education programs, free conference and event listings and more.


GIM InternationalGIM International serves as the independent and high-quality information source for all things related to the global geomatics industry, online and offline. Covering topics like mapping & surveying, geodesy, cartography, Lidar, GIS, photogrammetry, UAV/UAS, GNSS, remote sensing, and more, this platform acts as a neutral and objective space for professionals within the geospatial ecosystem, including private-sector users, public-sector users, suppliers, and researchers. By joining GIM International, individuals gain access to the latest news, developments, and innovative techniques while discovering new products and services. Moreover, they can actively participate in knowledge-sharing by submitting articles or news items, contributing to the growth and enrichment of the geospatial community.


To learn more about the expo visit the website here https://gogeomaticsexpo.com/

The expo encourages all associations and groups aligned with our objectives to get in touch with us. Collaboration is at the core of curating an exceptional event for the community. Our aim is to foster a diverse, captivating, and inclusive gathering that unites industry stakeholders, government entities, academia, individuals, and associations, all working together for the betterment of the sector. Reach out if you share our vision and want to be a part of this exciting initiative.


GoGeomatics Expo Nov 6-8 2023

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