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Optimizing and Accelerating the Globe in 3D, Maxar’s Ryan Hamilton: GeoIgnite 2021 On YouTube

3D mapping is continuing to advance and be crucial to our understanding of the planet we live on and how we study it. Maxar, a titan in the EO industry, is building what may be the highest resolution and most accurate 3D map of Earth. At GeoIgnite 2021, Ryan Hamilton from Maxar gave a fascinating talk on this project and the technologies that are being used. Watch his talk below:

GeoIgnite Talk: Optimizing and Accelerating the Globe in 3D from Maxar’s Ryan Hamilton

With over 20 years’ experience in geospatial data solutions, Mr. Hamilton joined Maxar in 2014 and is charged with developing the Maxar Elevation Product Suite, offering global high-resolution satellite derived elevation products. He has an in-depth understanding of all remote sensing applications used in elevation production.

Watch more panels, keynotes, and talks from GeoIgnite 2021 on our YouTube channel.

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