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Data and Systems at the Weather Network

In honour of International Women’s day on March 8th, GoGeomatics will feature interviews and articles by women about women in…


Data acquisition is without a doubt one of the most important processes in the implementation of any GIS. As GIS…

Evaluation of the Service New Brunswick Geographic Data & Maps Section

Service New Brunswick  (SNB)  is serving up geospatial data to the community so lets have look at what they are…

Where is the Antipode for your area? Just Point, Click & Reveal

I am sure if you have been to one of my GIS web sites then you may have noticed that I tend…

Relying on Technology for EMS in Canada – Pros and Cons

New Years is a time to reminisce about the past year and compile your thoughts. What better way to do…

Trends and Opportunities: the Geospatial Dispora

If you are reading this, more likely than not, you’re interested in all things geospatial. The vast majority of the…

Anything New in the World of Mapping APIs?

Last week was a big week in the web and mobile mapping world on at least two fronts. First, Amazon…

Brad Maguire: GIS Instructor at Vancouver Island University

GoGeomatics: Welcome to the GoGeomatics Canada community. First off, can you tell us about where you are from and where…

Inside TECTERRA’s Investing in Innovation Event!

Hello GIS, Geomatics, and Remote Sensing Friends! In February, I was given the opportunity to attend TECTERRA’s Investing in Innovation:…


Who should attend
– Geomatics Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
– Small and Medium Size Geomatics Company Executives (Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors)
– Geomatics Business Development Managers
– Geomatics Product Development and Technology Managers
There is no cost to attend this event but seating is limited. Only confirmed registrants will be admitted.

There will be time for networking and private meetings provided throughout the day. Request your reservation for this event by February 15th, 2012.

Geomatics Entrepreneur & Founder SpatialBridge

This is the the first part of a new section featuring Geomatics Entrepreneurs with Jonathan Bailey the founder of SpatialBridge a geomatics consultancy in Ottawa, Canada.

Dan Eslinger of NavCom Technology Inc

Manager Software Engineering

Dan Eslinger of NavCom Technology Inc was kind enough to talk with GoGeomatics to help better explain and define what a Manager Software Engineering role could be.