All the Geomatics Acronyms You Wanted to Know but were Too Afraid to Ask

Here in Canada, there are many geomatics acronyms that get tossed around. During the recent “Team Canada” event that the…

OSGEO Presents “Geo for All” Initiative – May 30 Ottawa Social

The GoGeomatics Ottawa May Social is taking place May 30, and we’re pleased to announce that this month’s speaker will…

Ottawa’s Geospatial Leaders Gather for CGCRT Debate at GoGeomatics Social

GoGeomatics Canada was privileged to play host to Ottawa’s geospatial leaders on Friday night.  (If you missed it, you’ll be…

An Evening with NRCan & GeoConnections: Ottawa GoGeomatics Social April 25th

Corrina Vester, Canadian Geo-Secretariat Coordinator at National Resource Canada, and Ann Martin, the Director of National Resource Canada’s GeoConnections* program,…

Free Open Source QGIS Seminar in Ottawa April 5th

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2014 Canadian Geomatics Events & Conferences

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Open Source Geomatics Software & Geomatics Careers

GoGeomatics had a chance to talk with Teresa Baldwin the Community Manager for FOSSLC, an open source based, not-for-profit group.

Top 10 Canadian Geomatics Twitter Feeds

We have scoured the net and reviewed a number of Canadian Twitter streams. Skilled tweeters can pack a good deal of pertinent information and keen insight into 140 characters. The trouble is, they can be hard to find in a swelling sea of self-aggrandizing micro bloggers. That’s why we have assembled a list of the top ten Twitter feeds from Canadian geomatics professionals, personalities, and organizations.

Photogrammetry and Cartographic Specialist

GoGeomatics met with Jenn White a photogrammetry and cartographic specialist to talk about her job hunt and her career. Jenn has worked has worked for the federal government in Ottawa and for industry in the prairies.

Jenn attended the University of Manitoba, where she got a B.A. Advanced with a Major in Geography. In her second year of studies, she took a cartography course and it was from that course, that she became passionate about working with and creating maps. Find out more about Jenn White, a Photogrammetry and Cartographic specialist.