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Ottawa’s Geospatial Leaders Gather for CGCRT Debate at GoGeomatics Social

GoGeomatics Canada was privileged to play host to Ottawa’s geospatial leaders on Friday night.  (If you missed it, you’ll be kicking yourself now!) We expected an interesting turnout, but we did not to expect to see so many of Ottawa’s most senior geospatial leaders join us to hear Corrina Vester, Canadian Geo-Secretariat Coordinator at Natural Resources Canada, and Ann Martin, Director of Natural Resources Canada’s GeoConnections program, speaking about the Canadian Geomatics Round Table (CGCRT) initative.

CGCRT National Strategy Geomatics Canada

The talk got underway at 7:30pm and did not disappoint. Ann and Corinna discussed the issues that are driving the evolution of the CGCRT, and where the project stands today. The crowd was intensely interested in the project and how they can contribute, as you can see from the pictures below. The question and answer period lasted longer than the talk itself! There was a lively debate and a wide-ranging set of concerns addressed. GoGeomatics Canada thanks Ann and Corinna for taking time out on a Friday night to communicate and engage with the Ottawa geomatics community on this important national initiative.

Are you passionate about the future of the Canadian Geospatial sector? If so, request your invitation to the CGCRT  “Team Canada” Geomatics Strategy, Action and Implementation Planning Workshop June 9 and 10, 2014 in Ottawa, Ontario. This is a free event that will see many of Canada’s gesopatial leaders from across the country gather together for the first time on a National geomatics strategy.

In no particular order, GoGeomatics Canada wants to thank the following individuals for coming out and being a part of the CGCRT talk and debate.

Ann Martin  – Director GeoConnections at Natural Resources Canada
Corinna Vester – Coordinator, Canadian Geo-Secretariat at Natural Resources Canada
Wendy Ripmeester – Manager, Canadian GeoSecretariat: A Part of the GeoConnections Program
Dave McIlhagga – CEO at MapSherpa and DM Solutions Group
Dr. Scott Mitchell – Carleton Univeresity Prof  Geomatics, Geography, and Environmental Studies
Dr. Geoff Zeiss – Director Open Geospatial Consortium / Between the Poles
Jonathan Murphy – Managing Director GoGeomatics Canada
Jeff McKennaDirector of Gateway Geomatics/ President of OSGeo
Steve Prashker – instructor, Practicum Coordinator, GIS Lab Manager Carleton University
Dennis Nazarenko – CEO Cardinalus Corporate Consulting
Dr. Andrew M. Davidson – Executive CRSS / Manager, Earth Observation – AgroClimate, Geomatics and Earth Observation Division
Mike Ballard – GIS Professor at Algonquin College
Fabien Ancelin – Co-Chair of OSGEO-Ottawa
Barry MacDonald – Senior Information Management Officer at Dept. of National Defence / Hyperion Consulting
Regie Alam – Ottawa Exec CRSS / Geospatial Entrepreneur
Javed Syed – Geospatial Entrepreneur / Co-Chair OSGEO Ottawa

We apologize if we missed anyone, we’re still compiling names from the event. We counted around 30 participants at one point, including students and young professionals who regularly attend our events.

Here are some photos from the night.

GeoConnections CGCRT GoGeomatics Ottawa GeoConnections CGCRT GoGeomatics Ottawa GeoConnections CGCRT GoGeomatics Ottawa

 GeoConnections CGCRT GoGeomatics Ottawa

Geoconnections_CGCRT_GoGeomatics_Ottawa_4 Geoconnections_CGCRT_GoGeomatics_Ottawa_5 Geoconnections_CGCRT_GoGeomatics_Ottawa_6

Geoconnections_CGCRT_GoGeomatics_Ottawa_Tweet2 Geoconnections_CGCRT_GoGeomatics_Ottawa_Tweet3

Geoconnections_CGCRT_GoGeomatics_Ottawa_8 Geoconnections_CGCRT_GoGeomatics_Ottawa_9Geoconnections_CGCRT_GoGeomatics_Ottawa_Tweet4

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